Cirrus RT Course

Want to Boost Your Radio Telephony Skills?

Calling all student pilots and PPLs alike… enrol on our RT Course and polish up your radio skills.

The course, which is mainly aimed at students working through their PPL and is a fantastic way to build confidence and accuracy on the aircrafts radio. Students who have previously taken this course have found it much easier to communicate with ATC and be safe and confident when flying. The syllabus will make a lot more sense after taking this intensive training day than simply reading the CAP 413.

More information about the RT Course can be found here. Places are limited and you can choose to do the training day alone, or combine it with the written communications exam and / or RT practical test if needed. Many PPLs decide to take this course after finishing their licence if they didn’t get a chance to do it whilst training, so if you’ve already got your licence it is still a very useful and valuable day – especially if you are looking to take your flying to the next level and become a commercial pilot.

Call us on 01530 512432 to reserve your place.